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History of OAAP

In the beginning, there was only outdoor advertising

Advertising in the early time were mere message carved in stone plates, and notices printed on walls. It was only the form of advertising then, it was outdoor advertising.

            And outdoor advertising, for time, enjoy this monopoly until print, (newspaper and magazines) and radio technologies were invented and developed. Up the early 1960s in the Philippines, outdoor advertising was regarded as the primary advertising medium, a status reinforced when 15 established outdoor advertising companies organized themselves into one, cohesive, solid voice to form the Outdoor Advertising Association of the Philippines Inc (OAAP) on August 13, 1964. Its purpose was to promote the growth of the outdoor advertising in the Philippines by establishing its own Code of Ethics.

            Fifteen founding members made up of its first aggrupation: ACME Neon Lights, Advertising Associates, Hi-Art Reproduction, House of Racor, Luzon Advertising, Manalang Advertising, Manila Neon Lights, Martin Outdoor, MJ Gonzales & Associates, Modern Advertising, Outdoor Advertising of the Philippines, Lunod & Associates, Sierra Neon, United Neon Lights, and Universal Sales Promotions.

            Outdoor Advertising has gone a long way: From stone and wall carvings, to hand painted billboards, and now to high-tech, large-format photographic print, 3D inflatable, and big screen electronic signages. And then there are the undying, reliable, and colourful neon signs lightning up the city nightlife.

            Only in outdoor advertising can show the signs of the times like no other advertising medium. In one glance, outdoor advertising blends wonderfully past, present and future.

1.      Acme Neon Lights’
2.      Advertising Associates Inc.
3.      HI-Art Reproduction
4.      House of Ractor
5.      Luzon Advertising
6.       Manalang Advertising
7.      Manila Neon Lights
8.      Martin Outdoor
9.      MJ Gonzales & Associates
10.  Modern Advertising
11.  Outdoor Advertising of the Philippines
12.  Lunod & Associates
13.  Sierra Neon
14.  United Neon Lights
15.  Universal Sales Promotions

We envision an association whose members abide by the Code of Ethics in the practice of their profession and guided by the principle of self-regulation, and be the only outdoor advertising association recognized by the advertising industry as well as the government.

We endeavour members to be responsible citizens who practice self-regulation within our industry and who collaborate with the government as we observe public safety, environmental concerns, the rule of law and respect for one another in the practice of our profession vis-a-vis promoting the greater importance of the outdoor media in the service of our advertising industry, our community and our country.

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