Saturday, August 1, 2015

In-House Seminars on Media Landscape, Updates, and Trends Available to OAAP Members

Media gurus Jay Bautista of Strategic Consumer Marketing Incites, Gabs Buluran of Kantar Media, and Lloyd Tronco of the Philippine Center for Out-Of-Home Media Research and Science, have come up with bespoke in-house seminars for outdoor advertising companies in order to fully grasp what is happening elsewhere in media.  With the rise of digital media and smartphone usage, the demands for a digital component within OOH executions are more evident.

To make outdoor advertising companies understand the shift in media consumption and the corresponding behavior of the audience, Jay, Gabs, and Lloyd help the attendees grasp the impact of today's media environment.

For queries on bespoke In-House seminars, you may email martinezeno ( @ )

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