Thursday, January 1, 2015

OAAP Member : Advertising Associates

The Advertising Associates, Inc. was officially inaugurated on January 10, 1947 at a cocktail party in the Manila Hotel. Since then, a huge turnover of business has flowed through its door. In five (5) short months it absorbed the advertising accounts of many of the biggest firms in Manila including the A. Soriano y Cia; Soriano Trading Co., San Miguel Brewery, Inc.; Italian Legation; International Business Machines Corp. of the Phils.; Far East Oil Development Co.; Del Monte Phils.; Amon Trading Corp.; Bank of America; Ang Tibay Shoes; Olympic Sporting Goods Co.; Getz Bros.; Philippine Refining Co.; ARVI Pictures; B. Gaberman Francis Sycip; Liddell & Company; United Wine Merchants; Lykes Bros.;Trans-Ocean Airlines;Gallagher-Toftman Corp.; Ligget & Myers; Wise & Co.; Mandaluyong Estate and Elizalde Trading Company.

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