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A New Website! We are now Mobile Responsive!

A New Website!  We are now Mobile Responsive!


Advertising started in the early times when messages were carved in stone plates and notices were printed on walls. It was the only form of advertising then.

Outdoor advertising was an industry by itself for a long period of time until print (in newspaper and in magazines) and radio broadcasting were introduced. It was through the years up to the early 1960’s in the Philippines when outdoor advertising was still regarded as a primary medium of advertising, when billboard operators and owners organized themselves into one, cohesive and solid voice. Thus, on AUGUST 13, 1964, the OUTDOOR ADVERTISING ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILS. (OAAP) was formed. Its purpose was to promote growth of outdoor advertising in the Philippines by establishing its own Code of Ethics.

Fifteen (15) founding members made up of its first aggrupation: Acme Neon Lights, Advertising Associates, Hi-Art Reproduction, House of Racor, Luzon Advertising, Manalang Advertising, Manila Neon Lights, Martin Outdoor, M.J. Gonzales & Associates, Modern Advertising, Outdoor Advertising of the Phils., R. Lunod & Associates, Sierra Neon, United Neon Lights, Universal Sales Promotions.

In 1974, OAAP was placed under the jurisdiction of the Philippine Council for Print Media

(“PCPM”) under the late General Hans Menzi as per Presidential Decree No. 576. This decree provides PCPM the authority to set rules and regulations for the discipline of all mass media under its supervision.

In 1976, the Metro Manila Governor, Imelda Marcos, in line with her cleanliness and beautification drive, decided to demolish all billboards especially movie ads and neon signs along Roxas Boulevard and Luneta.

The OAAP held a dialogue with the Metro Manila Commission for the purpose of formulating policies and guidelines on the installation of outdoor advertising structures and signs which would jibe with the MMC’s Governor’s integrated beautification program. The OAAP also talked to Minister of Finance Cesar Virata regarding the municipal taxes on billboards in the local Tax Code.

OAAP was instrumental in the forming of Philippine Board of Advertising (PBA). In those days, it was the Philippine Chamber of Advertising and Related Industries (PCARI).

In May 1974, OAAP became one of the charter members of the Philippine Board of Advertising now called the Advertising Board of the Philippines (ADBOARD).

ADBOARD, being the mother and umbrella association of nine (9) member-associations such as OAAP, PANA, 4As, ASAP, UPMG, IBA, MORES, KBP and CAAP, also has its own Standards of Trade Practices and Conduct representing the trade practices from various advertising sectors, with which OAAP is the only recognized outdoor advertising association.

The OAAP is presently working with the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) on the current issue on billboards and likewise continues to coordinate with other government agencies and other sectors of the society.

Today, after Forty Five (45) years, the OAAP stands proud of its position as the self-regulatory body for outdoor advertising practitioners. We now have more than a hundred active members all over the Philippines.

Today, OAAP has adopted a new Code of Ethics and AdBoard’s Standards of Trade Practices & Conduct in the Advertising Industry for implementation and enforcement.

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