Thursday, January 21, 2016

Company Profile: Jumphook Advertising Incorporated

JUMPHOOK ADVERTISING INCORPORATED is a corporation type of business, particularly engaged and specialized in advertising strategies. It is created to provide you the most versatile and efficient advertising services in the industry.

Although our company was just organized recently, we cannot be considered a neophyte in this field since our advertising professional has been in the business for a decade already. 
Our Billboard and Bus ad Services captures the viewer’s attention 18-24 hours a day. It has realistic, attention grabbing, full-color images to be printed in super large format economically and quickly.

Our promotional ideas assure “top of mind awareness to a demanding corporate customer base. Superior marketing expertise, a relationship-oriented sales team and full service facilities with a creative graphical design team, and stringent quality control processes, are just some of JUMPHOOK ADVERTISING INCORPORATED core strengths.

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